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Re: [at-l] In season

Well this must be one of those controversial subjects just waiting to be 
or already has been explored. I can see I've opened a can of worms. So 
be it. Not directly AT related but it'll be short lived.

>Raccoon's are NOT in season.

Ha. Wildbill, you are quite the humorist. You think "seasons" make a 
difference in Indiana or Michigan? Whoa, that's a good one. I assumed 
the guy this morning knew what he was talking about when he was going 
coon hunting. The guys might be a little early is all. Who's going to 
stop them? Hey, it's party time, right?

I don't mean to be flip but "season" doesn't make one bit of difference 
in Indiana or Michigan. The hunting season is when  Bobby Joe, Billy Bob 
& Chester, the hunters, decides they's gonna hunt sumum down and killit. 
What are there, three people *seriously* checking up on this for the 
entire state of Indiana? Okay, maybe five people. It's inconsequential 
to the number of hunters making their own seasons. 

You want to report them? Hey, go ahead. Knock yourself out.

On a somewhat related subject to the above, from Hoosier National 
Forest, Tell City district, one can hear almost continuous automatic 
rifle fire after 7pm at night (Gee, dinner's at 6, blasting the crap out 
of something is at 7, alright! Let's party!). You think they really care 
if there are hunting seasons?

Note: I don't mean all hunters are like Chester (all is a big word). 
They're probably some hunters out there who are actually responsible, 
look before they blast, stay in season and aren't liquored up. 


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