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[at-l] 1999 A.T. Data Book

  Hi, everyone!  I am Daniel Chazin, the compiler (for the last 15 years) of
the A.T. Data Book.  It is now the time when I start working on revising the
Data Book for the new 1999 edition.  Although I have official contacts in each
Trail-maintaining club, I would also welcome any comments that any of you may
have.  If you'd like me to mail or fax you copies of the relevant pages, just
let me know.  I would especially appreciate hearing from any of you who know
of changes in the Trail that have occurred within the past year.  It would be
best if you sent your comments to my other screen name -- DChazin@aol.com.

   Daniel Chazin
   Teaneck, NJ
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