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Re: [at-l] baby voodoo

Owen wrote:

> Bruce Waldrop wrote:
> >
> > Being the proud, sleep-deprived, new Daddy that I am, I can't help but
> > share the news with everybody:  Baby Voodoo was born yesterday
> > morning!!  He was about 4 weeks early (wanted to see the fall colors
> > here in Kentucky I suppose), but very healthy.  Mom is doing great.  We
> > are blessed to have our new addition to the Voodoo Family.
> >
> > Voodoo Chile
> Cool -  congratulations.  When does he get his first backpack?
> Walk softly,
> Jim

Well, seeing that he is small, we'll have to wait a month or two before we
strap anyting on him.  We checked out a Gregory Blazin' Baby internal frame
at the local outfitters yesterday.  It has a separate diaper compartment, a
formula hydration system and a removable pacifier pack.  Also has lash points
for teething rings.  Comes in Barney Bash (purple?) and Eyore (grayish-blue).

Someone also inquired (privately) about his name.  We named him after
Grandpa, but it sure is weird calling him that.  But seriously, his name is
Kyle Henry.

Gotta go -- Its time for my 45 minutes of sleep today.

Voodoo Chile

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