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RE: [at-l] Bivy sacks, again.


I haven't done this, but I've thought about it.  It seems to me that if
you are going to carry a light tarp (or a poncho) that you may be able
to get by with a much lighter bivy.  The fancier bivy sacks (I have an
Integral Designs Unishelter, which weighs about 2.3lbs in its standard
configuration) give one several things:

(1) the poles make life less claustrophobic when the thing is zipped up
(2) they offer better ventilation options.

A small tarp would let you leave the Gore-Tex off your face (just leave
the end open or use just bug netting).  If you carried a headnet also,
then you could just use the bivy as a groundcloth in nice weather.
Actually, I have used my "backpacking" poncho as a full shelter on some
short trips.  All I took was a ground cloth, a pad, my sleeping bag, a
headnet, and the poncho.  This kept me dry and comfortable in light
rain.  A possible set of rigs might work like this:

Very cold or heavy blowing rain: zip up bivy or use bivy & tarp.
Less severe weather: leave the head of the bivy open and keep the rain
off with the tarp.
Warm weather, light rain: use the bivy as a ground cloth and keep the
rain off with the poncho.
Horrible bugs: climb back in the bivy, keep the rain off your head with
the poncho, and sweat.
Lovely weather: use the bivy as a ground cloth, forget the tarp.  If it
rains unexpectedly, climb into the bivy and sweat.

I believe that Michael Connick has been happy with a Bibler (18oz, I
think) bivy when used in combination with a tarp.  Integral Designs and
Feathered Friends both have similar models.  Check out:


Oh... and Integral Designs makes a really cute 5x8 tarp that weighs 7.2
oz and has lots of tie points.

Anyone with thru-hiking experience want to comment?

-- Jim

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> So, has anyone thruhiked with a bivy or attempted it and 
> bailed out for a
> tent?  Advantages?  Disadvantages?
> I can't think of any real disadvantages that a lightweight tarp (or a
> shelter) wouldn't cure.
> -Nicole
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