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RE: [at-l] Shenadoah hike report

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> yesterdays!)  We had a terrific hike yesterday - longer and hotter than
planned or
> expected, but really good. We decided to go to the Shenandoahs,

Hey, I got out there too, but I was south of Waynesboro off the BRP.

I hiked from Dripping Rocks to Reeds Gap and back, and I didn't see a single
living soul until I got back to the place I wanted to camp.  There were
*six* people there, so I decided to make a day hike of it and go the last
1/4 mile to my car.

The weather was 10' cooler than NoVA, and I really enjoyed the solitude.
Heck, I see deer in the woods in Reston, so I thought it was kind of odd
that I didn't even see one.  There are at least two incredible views on that
hike, and it was very enjoyable all around.  I saw at least a hundred
butterflies, all of the same variety, I think Swallowtails (iridescent blue
tail parts with a little peninsula), but I don't know squat about insects.
Anyway, they were pretty.  I'm partial to those bottle green beetles too.  I
like bugs that don't want anything to do with me.  :)

This was a far cry from the previous weekend.  Tino and I went to the
Monongehela, and while we were trying to find a trailhead we saw the
Virginia Wilderness people releasing a bear!  That's my first bear.  We saw
at least a dozen deer, and something was thrashing and puffing mightily at
5am on the edge of the clearing we tented in.

I've decided that I want to seriously look at bivy sacks.  I could have
camped at one of those views (the one with no people) if I didn't have to
pitch a tent for bug protection.


Nicole Markee
MCI Internet Engineering
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