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RE: [at-l] Re: Pennsylvania :-)

> Behalf Of kahley7
> I'll bring an assortement of Yuengling's for you to try.
> It is America's oldest brewery doncha know

Now that's irony.  The state with the billboards that warn you that "Beer is
the doorway to alcoholism" has the oldest brewery in America?

Speaking of doorways, I know now why steriods are by prescription only.  I
have a wicked case of poison ivy or oak or something, most likely acquired
in my very own yard.  It's mostly on my face and neck, and after my left eye
was swelled shut this morning, I decided to see a doctor.  It's nice the the
rash is going away, but Woo! these things are something.  I feel like I
could take on the world.


Nicole Markee
MCI Internet Engineering
Vnet 272-7250

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