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[at-l] Another Thru-hiking Report

August 31: Frenchie, Wolfhound and Gnatcatcher slacked from the Hikers
Paradise in Gorham, NH again on the Paradise Express from South Arm Road up
Old Blue to the summit at 2.8 miles. It took 2 hrs. and was not easy. Then
came dips and bumps to Elephant Mt. with mucho moose nuggets, then to
Beamis Mt. with breathtaking views (not that we had any breath left) of the
Rangeley Lakes. A short "register read" at Beamis Leanto and we were off to
meet Bruce at Highway 17 in another 4.4 miles. The down off Beamis wasn't
too bad but the climb up to the road from Beamis Stream was rather
unwelcome at the end of a long hike.

Other happenings at the Hikers Paradise include:
- Dixie off on a 2 or 3 dayer Mahoosic Notch to Gorham
- Tattoo and Blazing Bunions slacking from Mt. Washington to Madison and
came down Valley Way
- Model T and son trudge in after battling Franconia Notch to Valley Way.
Part of the battle was the 60 mph gusts on Washington.
- Fletch, Birch and Rob hiked Pinkham to Rt. 2, 21 miles of viscious trail
today after yesterday slacking 26 miles from Crawford Notch to Pinkham.
- Blue Moon hiked Gentian Pond shelter back to Gorham, a 15 miler including
side trails.
- Sunburn full packed from Pinkham Notch to Rt. 2
- Two Pack and Mango hiked in from Carter Hut
- Bruno and Mary Ann keeping everyone fed well with big Hikers breakfasts!
Until the next report,

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