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[at-l] ga dayhike report

could wildbill provide me with a link to all the answers of the life? you're
just to darn good at this search thing :)

    trail related, went for a little day hike today from unicoi gap to tray
mtn and back... very hot and muggy weather with rain threatening but never
realizing.... from the huge quanity of trash and blue ribbon beer cans it
looked like some rednecks had a party at tray mtn road last night, i only had
one trash bag but i packed it full on the way back. still, the area reeked of
swill and waste and my sac-o-crap smelled just like it. never saw a soul save
a day hiker starting towards tesnatee at the parking lot. the climb up tray is
still one of my favorites in ga and the shelter was clean and water still
looking reliable this late in the summer. all in all a good day.
    the reason i went in the first place was to try out my new osprey flash
lumbar pack. my wife got an osprey impala backpack against my advice to go
with a dana bridger like mine and i must admit (don't tell her) that i've been
really impressed with osprey's quality craftsmenship and design ingenuity.  i
actually envy her backpack over my dana now. i've never really liked lumbar
packs because i have no hips and instead gone with small back packs but have
gained some fatty tissue around the middle as of late... so when the time came
for a lumbar i went with osprey (and although she grinned she never said i
told ya so) and it works great, this thing rocks, cool on my back and rides
well on my new love handles. nice shovel pocket for shedding long sleeves too,
small outer pocket, a main compartment that i swear i could pack enough into
for a super light over nighter, and two bottle sleeves that actually fit my
32oz nalgene bottles without stretching and stuffing.... all in all i'm a
happy hiker

hav'n a good time,
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