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Re: [at-l] Moving To Atlanta

There is absolutely nothing in the entire North of Georgia about the AT. Do not
go to either of the REI's, or to Backcountry, or GORP, or call any of the
colleges and universities. Do not look behind the curtain, and ignore the little
man with the smoke and mirrors. ;-)

It will be very hard _not_ to find some friends quickly here. Welcome to the
South, regardless of prior threads.

Atlanta, GA

Karen Sousa wrote:

> Well, my world has turned topsy turvy in the last couple of weeks and it
> appears that I will be moving to Atlanta on September 21. I think this
> will mean I can't go to the gathering, but time will tell. Does anyone
> know of any groups - outdoorsy, sportsy or specifically hiking in the
> Atlanta area that I could join? I will not really know anyone when I get
> there and am looking for people to play with! Thanks!

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