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Re: [at-l] Q11- Propane/butane Source


	When you get a list be sure and publish it to the AT-L. Many of us have
gas too:-)
	For my addition to your database, I purchased my Primus Stove ($15.95)
and GAS at an Ames Department store in Great Barrington, MA. Actually
the store is just abt a mile from the AT on highway 7, in the shopping
center across from The Outfitter witch is owned by former thru hiker
"SandBagger". If you need much equipment the Outfitter in town has
better prices and will negotiate. Its only another 1.7 miles or so to
town and several restaurants.


mlowell wrote:
> Hi Ya'll:
>   I've decided to pack a propane/butane stove.
>   Does any one have a single list of sources near the trail for propane
> and/or butane canisters?
>   Do you know of _even one_ source along the trail that can provide a
> canister?  With enough of you responding with just one source, I could
> compile a consolidated list and publish it back to this list for others'
> benefit.
>   I'll be using a Primus stove.  I believe it will accept different
> manufacturers canisters to include Peak's 3100 and Gaz's CV270, etc.
>   This seems to be the most helpful information:
>   1.  Location of the canister (town/city, etc.)
>   2.  Address
>   3.  Phone number
>   4.  Miscellaneous information you think is helpful, like the name of
> the store or outfitter that carries the canister
>   Mail drops, for me, will be a plan "B".
> Thank you.
> Mike
> csrm@pdrpip.com
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