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[at-l] Q11- Propane/butane Source

Hi Ya'll:

  I've decided to pack a propane/butane stove.

  Does any one have a single list of sources near the trail for propane
and/or butane canisters?

  Do you know of _even one_ source along the trail that can provide a
canister?  With enough of you responding with just one source, I could
compile a consolidated list and publish it back to this list for others'


  I'll be using a Primus stove.  I believe it will accept different
manufacturers canisters to include Peak's 3100 and Gaz's CV270, etc.

  This seems to be the most helpful information:

  1.  Location of the canister (town/city, etc.)
  2.  Address
  3.  Phone number
  4.  Miscellaneous information you think is helpful, like the name of
the store or outfitter that carries the canister

  Mail drops, for me, will be a plan "B".

Thank you.


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