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[at-l] Hello, World

Hi, everyone--

I am back.  You didn't know that I wasn't exactly with you for awhile, but I

I have now had my third major surgery since January 15 of this year, the
latter two since August 11, none essentially related.  It is getting very
boring.  There is nothing I like less than letting go of control, and, believe
me, this is definitely what happens.

Anyway, I will recover once again.  I will hike once again.  I will even
backpack once again.  I'll even drive my little car once again to the
surgeon's office so that he can oooooh and aaaaaah over his workmanship this
afternoon (which, by the way, is going to be beautiful up here in the

In the meantime, two delightful prospects were always in my mind regardless of
how gruesome things got at the hospital.  One, I knew that I'd be faced with
days and days worth of e-mails about The Trail when I got home.  Secondly, I
knew that I'd still be able to be at The Gathering next month.

So, this is my announcement.  I will be at The Gathering next month and look
forward to meeting you "in the flesh."

(Sawnie Robertson)

"You never know just what you can do until you realise that you absolutely
have to do it."--Salaun
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