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 "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay
 I sleep all night and I work all day...."
 For those Monty Python fans out there.
 Atlanta, GA >>

The following made its debut one rainy Saturday evening at Brown Fork Gap
Shelter in NC. Lyrics by Planting Flowers and Second Chance. Be grateful we're
not here in person to sing it for you. Take the above tune and change words to
the following:

"I'm A Thru-Hiker And I'm OK"

Oh I'm a thru-hiker and i'm ok
I eat dried foods and i fart all day
I wear thick boots, and Gore-Tex suits
Two gaiters AND a bra.

We spend our days out hiking
Up to our knees in mud
Some say that this is great fun
Some say it's only PUDS


We spend our nights a-sleeping
Two inches from some guys
They spend their nights a-snoring
To keep away the mice


We used to be all girlie
The make-up and the hair
But now we are all stinky
Just like an old black bear


We started off at Springer
Two thousand miles to go
I really love the A.T.
You goddamned so-and-so



Remember, it WAS raining!

Second Chance

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