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[at-l] Fishin' Felix


Felix arrived at Chimney Pond with his simple array of fishing
equipment.  Having cut a hole in the ice, he set up his ice fishing rig
that he'd made the night before from some odds and ends he'd found in his
backpack.  After baiting the hook and setting the flag, it was only a
few minutes before the flag popped up.

"Did you see that Solar Bear?  The little tyke just caught a nice one."

Solar Bear looked back at Wild Bill and asked, "Geesh, how can he do that? 
just a kid with some junky stuff."

Within a minute Felix landed another nice one.  He was all excited, put
this one on the string with the other, rebaited his hook, reset the flag,
and sat patiently.

"Maybe it's the location he's at, Solar Bear.  Maybe his bait.  Let's go

Solar Bear and Wild Bill slipped and slided over to Felix's hole.

"Hey kid, what you using for a hook?" asked Wild Bill.

"Mmbbrlllsserr," Felix mumbled.

Sjolar Bear and Wild Bill looked dumbfounded at each other.  Wild Bill was
almost ready to get out his laptop and look for a translation or URL using
his Yahoo.

"Hey kid, what's your secret?  We couldn't understand you."

"Mmbbrllsserr," Felix mumbled again.

"Aw, c'mon man, we can't understand what you said.  Can't you just answer
the question?"

"Ptttooey!" went Felix, "ya have to keep the bait warm."

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