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[at-l] A Walk in the Wooods

What's Happening Friends?

	I just finished "A Walk in the Woods" and felt compelled to give my
reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I guess literature, like
movies, and in fact the Trail offer many things to many different
people. I usually like the movies Siscal and Eggbert don't like:-).
Perhaps this is just an extension of "Hike your on Hike".
	The book is probably less than 50% about hiking on the AT. It contains
some inaccurate material, but that's ok, this is one mans observations.
The most alarming inaccuracy was his statement about the shelters in the
Smokys being only for Thru-Hikers. I wonder if this statement was meant
not as a fact but instead to share the clickish or clan like feelings
often observed by those hiking together for long periods ... with all
others being outsiders. I found the observations of the two overweight
neophytes brought back many memories, especially of my early days of
	The other 50% or so of the book has nice facts about the AT. It
abounded with interesting local history. I learned  a little about
geology. Often  Bill gives a much different point of view than commonly
	Well this is only the second book I have read about the AT and neither
was about a Thru-Hike. I still look forward to reading a book from a
real "End to Ender". I think perhaps an autographed copy of Ed Garveys
book will be next inline. Hopefully I'll see Ed again this year at the


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