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Re: [at-l] Children's sleeping bags

I'd consider making her a bag, or modifying one of the "summer" poly bags at Target.
Sew a few stickers on it for kid-like pleasures, but keep the weight down. Since she
is 2, the wet factor and ability to drain/dry is important. Your ground cloth and
cushion choices are worth considering. (Been there with a wet bag too mnay times!)

Atlanta, GA

DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:

> I could probably spend a little time surfing and get this info, but I'd like
> some first hand knowledgable suggestions.  I need to get Cassy (the 2 yr old)
> a bag.  I would think a 30 degree bag would be okay, we won't have her out in
> any super cold weather, but I'd like to be able to take her until it gets
> really cold.  Will an Elmo bag suffice, or is there a better quality *real*
> sleeping bag for kids?  Any info appreciated <g>

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