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[at-l] Grafton Notch Assault Team

Yesterday, the 28th, the Grafton Notch Assault Team, consisting of
 Frenchie, Blue Moon, Wolfhound, Gnatcatcher and Dixie, via Bruce's Hiker
 Paradise Golden Express Limo took the Mahoosic Trail into and through the
 infamous Mahoosic Notch in record slack-packing time of 90 minutes. Then
 Gnatcatcher led the "team" up the wicked Mahoosic Arm straight to the top
 in less than 1 hour. After a 45 minute break during which the muscles
 tightened, they descended to beautiful Spec Pond and climbed "Old Spec",
 memorable in its own right. Then the 2400 foot drop to Grafton Notch was
 made worthwhile by the cold refreshment waiting in Bruce's Golden Express
 Limo. A good time was enjoyed by ALL.

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