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[at-l] Red and Buckys' brew competition :-)

><<BTW - Dual what? Beer tasting? Good idea.>>
>Just to keep this Trail Related, I hereby challenge you to
aforementioned dual
>- meet me at the Campfire on Saturday night at The Gathering -
choose your own

Keep your competition hiking related - 1)Must carry the beer (all
of it) in your respective packs, 2)must keep open beer in water
bottles, 3)must be hiking around the entire time of competition,
4)must pack out empties (Low impact guidelines enforced). Winner
left standing. The rest of us will bet on the outcome, and we'll
tell you what you miss at the next mornings' get-togethers...

Also, offering my pre-competition services to help Tuckerize the
pack of whoever has the better brew...


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