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[at-l] Re: Info to get off of list

Ron Atkinson wrote:

> I need help. I don't seem to be able to get off of this mailing list
and the volume of mail is a bit overwhelming . Can any one help me by
instructing me on ho to get deleted from the list?
> Thanks
> Oleron

(I've had to hyphenate all the occurrences of un-subscribe that appear
below to get this message through the filters that are in place that
prevent commands getting to the list;  please remove these hyphens if
you are actually sending these commands)

Certainly,   email:


with this in the body of the message

    UN-SUBSCRIBE at-l-digest

(depending on which version of the list you are on).       Or, you may

at-l-request@backcountry.net -OR- at-l-digest-request@backcountry.net
with this in the body of the message:


Note that at-l is AT-L (not AT-1 as in the numeral 1).


Ryan Brooks

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