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re: [at-l] Planning Hike In South PA..

>Hi all... I am trying to plan to hike some of the trail in Southern PA.
>Some where between Hawk Mt. and Harrisburg area.  Is there
>any one interesting in joining Labor day weekend.

just reminding everyone about the hike from PA route 850 to Duncannon on
Saturday September 12, just two weeks away.  car shuttles at 8am, hiking
at 10am, GabFest after the hike.  at least one of the hikers will be
turning it into an overnight.  come one, come all...

as an incentive:  Solar Bear is 2000 miles away and can't make it...

>If any one
>as a status of the trail in that area or any useful tips, I would
>appreciate them..  Happy Trails..

the "status" is that, yes, it is a trail.  roots, rocks, vistas, trees,
cows, cow plops, grass, mice, moles, poison ivy, flowers, insects, hikers
of all caste levels, water, mud...

"useful tip":  don't shake you bootie all about...

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