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Re: [at-l] Re: Pennsylvania :-)

DaRedhead wrote:
> Bucky wrote:

><<only to find it slightly better than Canadian swill.>>

>I can only hope you aren't speaking of Moosehead, or I will be forced to
>challenge you to a dual. <g>

As a matter of fact, I am; their entire product line, insofar as
their varieties can be distinguished. I'm not talking about the
pre-skunked stuff that makes its way to the States either, but
the "real" stuff sold in Canada. I spent three years in New
Brunswick, and it was beer Hell. 

I will stop now, because I am on the verge of fulmination on the
topic of Canadians and their beer (it's been a while), and it
wouldn't be pretty. 

BTW - Dual what? Beer tasting? Good idea.

mfuller@somtel.com; Northern Franklin County, Maine
The Constitution is the white man's ghost shirt.  }>:-/> --->

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