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[at-l] Re: Pennsylvania :-)

Jim Owen wrote:

> To quote from their literature - "A hiker on the Appalachian Trail is a
> "purist hiker' if he or she covers every inch of the trail.  Our brewers
> refuse to compromise the quality and taste of our products by taking
> shortcuts.  Every beer made in our brewery is made with the 'purist
> hiker' in mind."

Does it taste good? How does it compare to, say, Long Trail
Ale? I made the mistake of buying a rack of the latter last
spring, only to find it slightly better than Canadian swill.

I've had generally bad experience with craft brews on the two
>occasions I have been to Pennsylvania (in 1993 and 1995). It
seems that good beer is hard to find outside of New England and
the Pacific Northwest. Then again, I didn't have the time to
ferret out any good beer stores while in Pennsylvania.

mfuller@somtel.com; Northern Franklin County, Maine
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