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ATML Hey, its Felix

ATML--A place to discuss AT issues with friends in friendship!

Hola, everyone. Felix J. McGillicuddy here at Pine Ellis B&B. Having a
great hike. Taking a little, no, a lot, longer than I thought. But,
having more fun, too. Thanks to all for writing. Thanks for the cookies,
SaraSW :)  Ilene and Paul are great (and not just cuz I'm usin' their
computer, neither) . 

Can't wait to get through the Whites so we can start making better time.
Next mail stops will be Gorham on Tuesday, N.  Woodstock sometime after
that and Hanover after that. Send me stuff  :)

Well, gotta go. Bed is calling me. Oh, wait, that's Pokey Hontas.

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