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[at-l] Year 2000

The question was raised about whether there would be a lot of people out
on the trail in 2000.  It is a good question. As far back as 1992, I met
a lot of people who talked about doing an "Armegeddon" hike, aka 1999,
or a "Millenium" hike (2000). 2000 is an easy number to remember, and
back then, it was a feasible dream, but still a long way away. People
making long term plans just plugged in a date, saying, "and in 1999/2000
I will do a thruhike."  I don't know how many of those people will
actually do it, but I do remember a lot of people making plans for it. 
There is kind of a sense that the world should change after the
millenium, though of course it won't. Still, there is an effect.

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