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[at-l] Heard from Mountain Roamer

I got a call from Teresa Beachy, aka Mountain Roamer today.  They were
just leaving Hanover NH after a brief overnight stay at one of the frat
houses. She and Outta Chocolate are looking forward to the Whites, but
everyone agrees, after getting their winter gear mailed to Hanover,
their packs are too heavy again. Daniel had to leave the trail for a few
days, but he caught up to her just last night, and she never had a
chance to hike alone as she was surrounded by a group of very nice
thruhikers.  She said it was good to see so many other women - she's had
her share of being the only female among a group of 10 or 12 guys, and
while I don't think she has had any problems, women think/talk/act 
differently.  (I remember it well!)  They are doing well, still happy
and healthy.  It was great to hear from her. 

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