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[at-l] Mailbox flooded with emails

The Redhead wrote: 
> >I know what you mean, Datto.  I had to take 3 hours of unpaid leave today just
> >to read all the email.  Can you believe what that guy said about M&M's?  And
> >that stretch of Trail with the 7 waterfalls within a mile - I never knew about
> >it.  I can't wait to hike it.  I too have learned things today I would never
> >have known if not for my fellow list members.  Not to mention the information
> >about Solar Bear.  Wow.  Who would have known?

To which Sharon replied:
> Wait a minute... was this deluge of email on the ATML?  I don't remember
> hearing about 7 waterfalls in a mile!  Where's that???

If i remember correctly, it's between the Sar trailhead and the Casm shelter.
Somewhere in Virginia, i believe. 

Walk with smiles,


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