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Re: [at-l] Teenage AT thru hikers?

IMO this is not answerable by folks on this list. The biggest question here
is your maturity and ability to handle several months on the trail. We
don't know you and can't possibly judge that. It wouldn't be a first. I've
read in one thru-hiker's journal of his meeting with a 14 year old who was
doing an extended hike in New Hampshire alone.

What experience do you have? If none, you might try going with a group for
some extended outings. You would both learn from the experience and
potentially gain an ally (the group leader) if you demonstrated good skills
during the trip(s). If you parents are so inclined you might go on an
outing with them to demonstrate your abilities. As a parent of grown
children I know how difficult it can be to turn your offspring loose.
Feeling that they are ready to spread their own wings is the biggest
arguement in favor and that takes more than words.


At 10:01 PM 8/26/98 EDT, CapitalsFn@aol.com wrote:
>What do you guys feel about 2 14 year olds hiking the AT in two parts over
>summers unaccompanied?  I guess we would be 16 in the year 2000 when we hike
>it, but the questions still remains.  How should I convince my parents and
>what should we do to prepare, both what one would normally do to hike it, and
>also because we are teenagers?  
>Thanks for the advice,
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