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[at-l] Pennsylvania :-)

Some time ago there were a few people who intimated that Pennsylvania
was a part of the AT that was the ultimate embodiment of one of my life
principles.  Specifically that "Everything and everyone have some
positive value - even if it's only as a bad example."  While I objected
to that viewpoint then, I've since discovered an additional attraction
in Pennsylvania.  Namely "Purist Pale Ale" brewed by the Appalachian
Brewing Company, 50 Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17101
(www.abcbrew.com)     :-))

To quote from their literature - "A hiker on the Appalachian Trail is a
"purist hiker' if he or she covers every inch of the trail.  Our brewers
refuse to compromise the quality and taste of our products by taking
shortcuts.  Every beer made in our brewery is made with the 'purist
hiker' in mind."

Pa is the only state that I know that has a "thruhiker beer".  That
makes up for a LOT of rocks.  :-)

Walk softly,

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