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RE: [at-l] Shaking all about (was Test)

In a message dated 8/26/98, 8:00:32 AM, JMayer@crt.xerox.com writes:
<<Now, suppose a hiker shakes their left foot "all about" over the entire
trail.  Assuming that "all about" is equivalent to "back and forth ten
times" the hiker will have shaken their left foot approximately
20,000,000 times.

Needless to say, I am concerned.>>

Jim, I don't think you need to be concerned about it at all.  Because in
addition to shaking their left foot "all about", they will be alternating that
motion with shaking their right foot "all about", and their left arm "all
about" and their right arm "all about" - this will hopefully offset their
dizziness when shaking their whole head "all about" - and there are many parts
of the Trail simply too steep to be shaking their bootie all about.... so in
reality, I think that all this shaking all about will even out - and may even
keep bears away <g> On the other hand, it may require an extra 2000 calories a
day - Now that's a real problem :)

The Redhead
Ga > Me  00
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