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[at-l] Thru hiker report

Hi Gang,

	Today I recieved a post card from Storm Cloud, a north bound thru
hiker. Rob just crossed into New Hampshire. I met him south of Fontanna
on my Spring hike and again shortly after leaving Otta Chocolate and Mnt
Roamer near the Tye River. He is the fellow that carried over 100 pounds
to Neels Gap, where he sent 50+ pounds home!
	Funny the way trail comunication goes. Rob says he hasnt heard from
Bagman and doesnt know if he is still on the trail. The odd thing is
that Bagman called me from Killington just a coupple of weeks ago.
I wish I had a way to contact both of them for a conversation. Theyll be
long gone when I get to Vermont in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I have
interested both of them into coming to the Gathering.

Charles W. Davidson (WB4PAN)
Axton, Virginia
http://venus.beseen.com/chat/rooms/k/3711/    AT Web Chat
AOL Instant Messenger Name: wb4pan
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