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[at-l] Yellow/blue blaze definitions (Was Thru Hike Recognition )(Was Long Trail Speed Record Attempts)

Let's try again with the correct new server :-)
> Nicole wrote: 
> I thought yellow-blazing was hitch-hiking, but based on some mail I've
> gotten, others interpret it as road-walking.
> Which is it?

Yellow-blazing is hitch-hiking from one point on the trail to another point that is
further ahead, thereby skipping a section of trail without walking it. Road-walking
to skip some trail would be considered blue-blazing since the hiker is still using
his/her feet to get from one point of the trail to another. Flagging a car down with
your big toe does not count as 'using your feet' in the blue-blazing definition :-)

 Walk with light,

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