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[at-l] So the server crashed?

It is a communist conspiracy!!!!   They are everywhere.  Or something 
like that.  I was gone for a couple of days and I expected a 100 mail 
messages in my mailbox.  What is this, only 20!!!

Well, I dropped my daughter off at George Washington University.  For 
the next four years I will be living in abject proverty, so I was 
interested in the cost per mile on the AT.  I actually think we 
should be worring about the cost per day.  On my weekenders I aveage 
about $4/day.  Of course I do not go into town, I have to cover only 
food (and transportation)  In two years I plan to head toward 
springer in the fall for two weeks on the trail, and I think it will 
cost me roughtly $140 for the fourteen days.  Duing that time I am 
planning to cover roughly 150 miles so we are talking about $1/mile.  
I do not plan to spend any time in town other than to pick up a mail 
drop.  As I am in the early planning stages, but I will provide more 
details in my tought process.

I should mention our trip to SNP this summer cot only $90 and we 
covered 70 miles.  The cost included transportation to the SNP and 
return.  I think section hiking is cheaper than thru hiking.

Grey Owl
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