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Re: [at-l] Fwd: meteor cd light rain report

>I just spent a week in northern quebec canoeing. on one particular day, we had
>7 hours of continuous torrential downpour. the other people in my group got
>soaked- i stayed warm and dry in my meteor cd light. great tent. is the orion
>the 3 person version? Jim

hi jim, the Orion is smaller than the meteor but still "listed" as two person.

I preferred the meteor lt cd although slightly heavier, it has great overhead
venting and a huge vestibule. Great for two backpacks and boots :)

Data on the meteor and orion are on the sierra design web site.  Much more tent
advice is also listed on:


A photo of my meteor at the AT Delware Water Gap's Backpacksite #2 is at
http://members.aol.com/visitnj/visitnjcamp2.html  it's not the huge tent with
the ridgerunner :0

And welcome to overnight outings... now for that first weekender, then
week, then ???

Yes its a different world at sunset when all those animals start making a
racket.. and the sunsets, stars and galaxies and sunrises are a different
world indeed...   :)

- Tom "Bear Bells" Caggiano

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