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RE: [at-l] Re: [AT-L] Felix

		-->>(she said, hopefully, as it's
		-->>been pretty quiet around here, humor-wise, lately)  

Hey, good crowd, good crowd. Do we have any hikers out there? (clickety
clack, clickety clack). Whoa, either the Seniors Pinnochle Group showed up
from Florida again or we have a hiker's convention going on here (badda
bing). Did you hear the one about the hiker, the minister and Henry
Kissinger jumping out of an...Hey, look at the time. Gotta go. I'll be
opening for Wayne Newton at the Denton Shelter in September, fabulous place,
simply fabulous. And after that doing a run in Damascus with Shecky Green.
So come on out. Thanks, you've been a good crowd. Gotta go. Dankashein.  


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