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[at-l] Earl Shaffer

Well just got back from a little couple of days round triping across the PA
northern rocks.

First Every below is hearsy but does give some food for thought...

Met several thru hikers two of which were  Yogi and Boo Boo, brothers, from
Arkansas met Earl a little farther south. Seems Earl was "complaining"...
hey you guys re-routed
the AT, and took it out of towns, making it longer.  I am a month behind.

I wonder if he was referring to McCaye's thoughts on the AT, when he said
seeing the towns was also important as you are seeing the people of America.

The other comment came from a Park Ranger by Route 33. he stated he had diner
with Earl the night before...  I guess he is "too famous" on his thru hike.

The ranger got "enough".

One can just see Earl, I decided not to bother him on his thru hike.

One can only guess how many times he has been asked the same question.

He should have a leaflet... FAQ...  Just hand-out..

One can see Earl trying to complete that hike and ALL US EARL wanna bees want
a piece of his hiking stick and if we have a camera a photo op.

The price of fame... want to take a simple hike and the flies get ya at every
shelter. Attacks ever hiker for miles... give me five !

So if you see Earl, get his mood by instinct, and if he looks like he trying
to get to Katahdin this year... say hi !

And to Earl, a nice hike and nice night :)

- "Bear Bells"

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