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[at-l] Well, its time

>Pittsburgh will be here in about an hour. I thought about going to get
>some new glasses in that time, but no. I've had all kinds of things I
>wanted to say. There isn't time, or probably reason, to do so now. I'll
>just say, in one last cross-post, smile once in a while. My reason for
>going hiking isn't as romantic as a lot of folks'. I'm not going to find
>myself, or someone else. I'm not going, and will not do anything, because
>of what someone else will think. I'm "hiking my own hike" to beat a
>boring frase into deeper death. I'm gonna laugh. I'm gonna make others
>laugh. I'm gonna meet people. I'm going hiking BECAUSE I LIKE TO HIKE.
>If anyone wants to do me a favor, it will be greatly appreciated. I could
>not be going without my uncle. If you wnat to send him a thank you note,
>I'd be most appreciative. Steve Miller  R3 B511  Spencer, IN 47460
>Stoat will be joining me on Labor Day. He has too many things going on.
>It is unfortunate. Not the end of the world.
>Well, thats it for now. I'll be posting something somewhere from time to
>thyme. As I'm sure Wingfoot, in his effort to make the ATML 'hike only',
>won't want my pseudo-journal posted, I am posting something to AT-L and
>perhaps on a webpage to be named later. Any ATML-only members who want to
>get the 'journal' may want to join AT-L, or make contacts to have them
>forwarded. Same low rate. (You see, my journal will probably be the least
>hike-related journal in the history of hike related-journals)
>Goodnight, Mrs. Purtlebaugh. I love you.
>Quote of the Week: "You know what I wanna be? An executive."
>Stop and see me at:  http://members.tripod.com/~Felixhikes/index.html
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