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Re: [at-l] Whistle

It ususually is not neccessary to repost to other mail lists. The reason it has been
requested to not cross post, is that it creates duplicate threads and excessive
reading for all. It is also a good idea only to "quote" the potions of a post that
contribute to understanding your response. Hence, quoting the ATML signature, the
posters signature, and the entire contents of prior postings usually add to

There are USENET lists devoted to creating impossibly complex and long threads. The
long quotes and use of poor punctuation are considered clever there. However, most
of the real world has a life. <g>

In any case, it isn't that big a deal to get your Sphinxter up in a knot over it!

Atlanta, GA

KC wrote:

> Since I cannot cross post to the other lists (that person said not to,
> gives him too much work) I have to resend my messages. the only way I know
> how is to access the sent message and address it to the other lists. Is
> there a better way??? KC

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