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Re: [at-l] Eastern US Highpoints

Are you talking about South Beyond 6000?  There is a highpointers club,
also.  Dan and I belong to both.  We have climbed all the peaks over 6000
ft east of the Mississippi. 

On Wed, 31 Dec 1997 12:05:51 -0500 "Bryan Fakes" <mtndewer@usit.net>
>I was surfing the Net a few weeks ago and came across an interesting 
>Members climb the 50 highest peaks in the Eastern US, east of the
>Mississippi River, I believe.  Instead of marking the spot I assumed,
>wrongly, that I would remember how to get back there.  Anyone know 
>the club?  What's the web site?  This club is NOT the same as the one 
>climbs the high point of every state in the US.  Several of the climbs 
>in NC and TN, such as Clingman's Dome, Roan High Knob, Roan High 
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