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Re: [at-l] Dehydrating Food

I love soup, at home and on the trail....especially in cool and
coooold weather. My problem with dehyding soup has always
been the broth.  Without the broth, no matter how carefully I
seasoned and spiced, the soups always seemed flat.
So I decided the broth was essential, but since it's mostly water,
how do you dehyd water?  I'd simmer and simmer to reduce it to
a consistancy that would stay on my roll up trays, but such long
cooking especially those last few minutes, gave it a burned taste.
Now I make a good stock, reduce it by 80% by simmering and
then add it to a mashed potato.  Then I dry the mixture, grind
it to powder in the food processer and add to the dried soup
solids.  Works well and doesn't alter the taste much.
Why I love soup....it's a three course meal!  Add water to the
bag at lunch to start the rehydrating.  Add more water to the pot
and as soon as it's hot, have a mug of the broth to warm dem bones<G>.
Let the soup steep awhile while I set up the tarp or tent.  Dig into
the veggies and stuff  and then add grits or potato flakes to the
remaining broth to bump up your carbs.  Or soak the last old bagel in
the broth.  I generally add extra broth/potato powder when I pack
up the soup to make sure of good strong flavors.  YMMV   Kahley

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