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Re: [at-l] !!!!!!BIIIIGGGG BEAR!!!!!!!!

In a message dated 97-12-29 00:26:00 EST, you write:

<<  There was a bear harvested this year right on the AT near the Allentown
 > shelter in PA..........785 lbs!!!!!!
 	"Harvested."  Another goody.  Maybe one day a gun-toting lunactic
 will harvest your wife and kids.  Should they be "field dressed?"
 > I have never had a problem with them...
 	It's a crime that the bears can't say the same for you.
 	When you or another human murders something, please don't try to
 gloss it over with vocabulary like "take," "harvest," and "field dress."
 "Murder" and "butcher" do just fine. >>

    Why don't you mellow out a bit and think before you flame someone
publicly--all I did was relate information--ALMOST WORD FOR WORD--from a local
newspaper.  Those terms are from the PA game Commission spokesperson, not me.
Another thing--don't call me a murderer or a butcher.  Did I say I was a
hunter?  I'm not.  Maybe you should take a good look at yourself--a public
mailing list is no place for a narrow-minded person like you.
   I apologize to the others on the list--for relaying information.  May God
forgive me for using my computer in such a brash, thoughtless manner.......