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Re: [at-l] Trail conditions Pearisburg North to Va. 42 at Sinking Creek.

ChsyHkr@aol.com> writes:
>As my New Years present I am going to hike from Pearisburg to Va.  42 on
>Friday to Sunday.  I would appreciate comments on trail condition after
>(some stuff removed)
Hi Cheesy,
I have friends (really) in Craig Co. They say Sinking Creek has a foot or
more of snow. Although they will be out 4 wheelin' in the snow for the
next few days, I can't get them to check trail conditions. They believe
anyone hiking in the winter (except during hunting season) should be in
protective custody. Hope this helps some. 

Chase and I are leaving Wednesday for 4 or 5 days somewhere, maybe
Rockfish to Rte. 60, maybe somewhere else. Wish I could have been on Mt.
Rogers for this little storm.

Happy snow hiking.

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