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[at-l] Keds

As with Kayley's family, ours was sitting around the table at Christmas 
dinner and the talk turned to hiking. And then came the dumb question. I 
suspect it's even too dumb to be protected by the "there are no dumb 
questions" rule.

My brother-in-law said he was going lighter this year and joked that he 
had decided to ditch his boots and wear black, high-top Keds like Grandma 
Gatewood wore.

My sister-in-law and I ignored the going lighter business and jumped on 
the obvious. Grandma Gatewood was no more likely to wear black, high-tops 
than any other woman or child of her time. She had surely worn regular 
old white low-tops like everybody else.

The b-in-l refuses to believe us though and requires greater authority 
and/or superior knowledge. Can anybody help?

Thanks a bunch.
Sally (who got trail guides and maps for Christmas--yay!)
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