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[at-l] !!!!!!!!GREETINGS!!!!!!!!!

Happy Hannukkah to my Jewish friends!  May your day as full of joy and laughter
with friends and family as the lamps were full of oil. And if anyone is serving
latkas, eat one extra for me...or two or three.....<<G>>.

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate!  I wish a day of love and laughter full
of the
joy of the Reason!  And lot's of turkey too!!!!

And  if  Kwanza is honored in your home, I wish you great cheer in the
of your heritage.  Since I've yet to be invited to a Kwanza celebration, I can't

fantasize and 'drool' over the traditional foods yet.  So what ever special
foods are
a part of your day, enjoy!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!! And Happy Hiking in the New Year!!!!!!!!  Kahley

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