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Re: [at-l] Guns

>This thread has been here before, but for those who are newer to the discussion
and may not have thought about it, I gotta respond that this is very poor
I have to agree that this is very poor advice.  Though I have not through hiked
on the trail, I have hike many sections.  The most scary thing that I have
encountered was a drunk hunter in a parking lot.  A pistol is not much good
against a rifle.  Fortunately the hunter was not a problem.  I tell you what is
scary, any center city.

Several good pieces of advice were given out, hike in groups is the best piece
of advice.  Several posters to the list are owners of establishments on the
trail.  Contact them and give them a general time schedule of when you expect to
arrive at their place.  That way if you are overdue they can contact the
authorities.  Do not post you hiking schedule to the list or a wed page.  We
assume that all the members of the list are hikers, but you cannot be sure. 
Finally, decide if some of the people posting to the list are people you feel
secure with and make arrangements to meet them at a trail head or have them hike
with you for a portion of the trail.  I have seen one such offering already
posted.  Make the arrangments offlist.

Happy Holidays and Good Hiking
Bob Dudley
Grey Owl

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