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[at-l] Lowe Contour Packs

What do people think of these packs.  I found a Contour II (4200 cu 
in) on sale at REI ($169), and bought it for my high-school aged son, 
who wants to do some serious hiking.  He has used an REI Evening Star, 
but it is a little small (3300 cu in) and its front loading 
arrangement makes it hard to stuff.  The 4200 cu in size seems just 
right for long distances with reasonable ultralight packing.  We 
loaded the pack with about 50 lb of weight in the store (more than he 
probably would carry), and it seemed very comfortable to my son, and 
its shape seemed to nicely match his back.  I know that the Contour II 
is designed for women, but it seemed to fit him very well.  He is thin 
and has narrow shoulders (cross country runner).  I can easily return 
the pack, so don't hesitate to sing out if you know of shortcomings.  
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