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Re: [at-l] Guns

I would first like to say that I am very pro gun and used to deal arms.
However,  I personally find taking a gun on the trail is pretty useless and is
definitely worth the weight.  Like someone already mentioned,  a gun in the
pack is rather hard to get to.   If your that scared of people,  get some
therapy.  I have never had a "scary" experience with people on the trail.
Hell,  if someone wanted or needed something I propably would offer it to them
anyway.  You are more likely to need a gun at work or in your car.   Think
about this,  do you carry a gun to work?

If youre that scared, either stick with a partner, stealth camp when alone, or
get some pepper spray (its much lighter).  Youre out there fighting adverse
effects of mother nature,  you would never think of killing an animal,  but
youre worried about a psychotic wandering the woods.  

Keep in mind this is an opinion and a male opinion at that.  If I were a
female,  there would exist a little more motive for someone to do me harm
(unfortunately).  But what fun is the trail if youre scared to be out there.
Life is about taking one chance after another.   Be safe,  but leave the gun
at home.

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