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[at-l] Re: White Top to Damascus

I hiked this past weekend from White Top to Damascus (24 miles) with my
son Forrest (age 10) and a friend of mine named Dan (age unknown). Only
saw 4 hikers and 1 hunter. Beautiful hiking weather. We were surprised
when we came upon Lost Mt. Shelter. How long has it been there? It was
not in our trail book or map. Damascus was an interesting town. We
stopped by Dot's to get a bite to eat and decided againest it. It didn't
seem like the best place to take a 10 year old. We went to Cracker
Barrel instead. Yum! Yum! The trail was in good condition with some
recent maintenance noticeable. Only a couple of recent trees down over
the trail, nothing major. That is some of the prettiest country around.
There seems to be so much diversity of plant life terrain. We saw a few
birds, one chipmunk, and many trout. I could spend several weeks there.
The Virginia Creeper Trail looked nice also. We also hiked (5 miles)
near Mountain Lake and Stoney Creek last Thursday. In addition we hiked
the loop trail in the Mountain Lake Wilderness area where we saw the
virgin hemlocks and an incredible rock overlook.



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