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[at-l] Re:Dec. 25 time change?

OK with me.


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Subject:    Dec. 25 time change?
Author: Dorothy Tontodonato <dtontodo@CapAccess.org>
Date:       12/17/97 8:21 PM

Dear everyone:

Just had a message from Pam, in which she stated that they'll probably be 
coming here the night of Dec. 24, barring emergencies at BP.

She suggests having our get-together Dec. 25 somewhat earlier - 4:30 p.m.
Is that doable for all of you?  

Please let me know, so I can tell her.  I realize, Richard, that you like 
to spend the day at home with Amy and the children, and we don't want to 
cut that time short for you.


-- Dorothy Tontodonato (dtontodo@capaccess.org)

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