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[at-l] Volunteers

        I received my first ever issue of the AT News yesterday, I feel so
membery now.  If you have ever seen Christmas Story when Ralphy joins the
Little Orphan Annie society and gets his secret decoder ring, that's how I
felt when the mail came Monday.   
        Anyway, I noticed an ad in the back that was requesting volunteers
to help staff Harpers Ferry.  Since I live in Wisconsin, I think the drive
might prohibit me from applying for that(especially in the winter when the
roads get icy).  What I am wondering is, is there anything that can be done
remotely.  Is there any way that I can help from this land of flat.  It's a
long winter here in Siberia and you can only play so much gin rummy and
drink so much hot chocolate before SADS kicks in, especially when you're not
a packer fan (go Chiefs).
        If anyone knows of anything that can or needs to be done outside of
the office, please let me know.  I want to help, but I don't know what needs
to be done.

        A Willing Volunteer

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