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[at-l] Jan Stowell's AT stories are on-line (fwd)

> Dear Linda,
> 	The articles by Jan Stowell are being uploaded to Syracuse OnLine. They
> are permanently located at:

>  http://www.syracuse.com/discover/hiking/

> 	Please spread the word to the AT community on the mailing list. Please
> let me know if there are others I should notify about this. Feel free to
> link to the stories.
> 	Thanks to you and all your friends for letting me know about the
> interest that has grown in Jan's stories.
> Sincerely,
> Stan Linhorst, Syracuse OnLine, http://www.syracuse.com
> Voice: 315-470-2270  E-mail: linhorst@syracuse.com

FYI -- Earthworm

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